Unwar Forms Paralegal to Prevent Disputes in Apuan Village

 22 Juni 2023   

Basic paralegal training for officials of Apuan Village, Susut, Bangli in an effort to prevent disputes in the community.

BANGLI _Sengketa in people's lives is a necessity. Even if in a harmonious and peaceful community group, the potential for disputes of various types always exists. One way that is considered effective is to prevent disputes at the grassroots, namely the village environment.

So that village and community officials need to be empowered to anticipate and resolve disputes if they already occur.

Based on this background, the Community Service Team (PKM) of Warmadewa University (Unwar) chaired by Dr. I Nyoman Gede Sugiartha, SH., MH., along with members of A.A Sagung Laksmi Dewi SH., MH and Ni Made Sukaryati Karma, SH., MH., empowered the apparatus of Apuan Village, Susut, Bangli through basic paralegal training.

"The goal is for village officials to understand the law so that disputes in the Apuan environment can be minimized," explained Sugiartha, confirmed from Denpasar, not long ago.

According to Sugiartha, understanding the law of the community and village officials will greatly help ease and resolve disputes that arise in the community.  

Disputes, he said, can occur due to lack of knowledge of the community, especially the poor and marginalized about the law. Paralegal arrangements have been regulated in Law 16/2011 concerning Legal Aid and Regulation of the Minister of Law and Human Rights Number 3 of 2021 concerning Paralegals in the Provision of Legal Aid.

"This regulation is very important to be socialized at the village level. As a further step, it is necessary to equip basic paralegal knowledge for village officials as community protectors if there is a dispute in the community," he added.

He believes that many people are involved in legal cases in the community, both criminal, civil and administrative, but do not know exactly how to solve the cases they face.

In the end, many people faced with case brokers and spent a lot of money, but the problem never ended.

This causes public distrust of the law to be very high, this is a very concerning condition. So many legal problems that occur in the village cause the presence of paralegals is considered very important.

The presence of paralegals in the midst of the village community as community partners and village officials in finding legal solutions and disseminating legal information.

Paralegals are expected to be able to revive the values of family problem solving, consensus deliberation while still being guided by applicable laws and regulations.

At the paralegal training held at the end of May 2023, Sugiartha appreciated the legal awareness of Apuan residents. They realize that legal awareness is not only about fulfilling the requirements at the time of assessment as a law-aware village, but must be able to provide information and implement the rule of law, especially for village officials who will always be a place to ask questions for people who are in conflict, such as family counseling, land, inheritance and so on.

The PKM Unwar team also presented resource persons from the Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights Bali with the material "Increasing Legal Awareness About Legal Aid". While the resource person from Posbakumadin Bangli I Dewa Gede Agung Semarabawa, SH., MH explained the material "Actualization of the Role of Paralegals" while the Unwar PkM Team with the material "Paralegal Communication Techniques".

Meanwhile, Perbekel Desa Apuan I Wayan Sunarta welcomed this program and expressed his gratitude to Unwar for the program that directly touched and educated the community.