28 Agustus 2023    Dibaca: 224 Pengunjung

The Community Service Institute of Warmadewa University held an International Community Service Program which is a collaboration between Warmadewa University and Waseda University Japan with the theme "Potential of Subak Umalambing Sibang Kaja Village Abiansemal Badung Based on Organic Farming Culture as Ecotourism" at Balai Subak Umalambing The activity was attended by Head of LPM Unwar, Perbekel Desa Sibang Kaja, Head of BPD Sibang Kaja, Kelian Subak Umalambing Sibang Kaja, Kelian Pekaseh Subak Umalambing Sibang Kaja, members of Subak Umalambing Sibang Kaja, PMM KKN students in Sibabg Kaja Village, and Unwar Students representatives from FH and FP Unwar. Perbekel Desa Sibang Kaja, Ni Wayan Rai Sudani, SH., in his speech expressed his gratitude for the presence of resource persons in international service activities in Subak Umalambing Sibang Kaja. In this activity, the village Perbekel also conveyed a brief profile of Sibang Kaja Village and Subak Umalambing. Sibang Kaja Village has a joint commitment with all warda villages to continue to empower rice fields as environmental conservation, a source of livelihood, and can be used as a tourist destination. Currently, with the involvement of PMM Unwar KKN students in this village, a master plan has begun to be prepared on the management of rice fields as a tourist destination. In the near future, Sibang Kaja Village will form a Tourism Awareness Group (pokdarwis) Sibang Kaja Village as an implementation for tourism programs in this village. Head of LPM Unwar, Prof. Dr. Drs. I Wayan Wesna Astara, SH, MH., M.Hum., in his speech in his speech thanked for the reception by Perbekel and Members of Subak Umalambing Sibang Kaja. Currently, the progress of tourism programs has taken up many rice fields as buildings do not take into account environmental impacts and loss of cultural traditions. Strengthening customary laws and rules is very important in preserving culture, the environment and making tourism sustainable. Good and correct management can be done by Subak members while maintaining rice fields and being able to have an economic impact as well. This management can be used in the form of sustainable ecotourism. This will be able to increase the income of farmers not only from rice fields but also from the tourism sector as well. The resource persons in this activity are: 1. Dr. I Gusti Agus Maha Putra Sanjaya, S.Pt., MM., and Dr. Desak Ketut Tristiana Sukmadewi, S.Si., M.Si., with material on Acceleration of the Application of Sustainable Agriculture through Reducing the Use of Synthetic Fertilizers and Integration of Agricultural Commodities. 2. dr. Tanjung Subrata, MRepro., with material on the Concept of Animal Bite Emergencies. 3. Naori Miyazawa, Ph.D., with material on Organic Rice and Participatoru Value Chain Development. 4. Prof. Dr. Drs. I Wayan Wesna Astara, SH, MH., M.Hum., with material on the Potential of Subak Umalambing Sibang Kaja Abiansemal Badung Village Based on Organic Farmer Buadaya as Ecotourism. The activity was filled with material presentation by all speakers and continued with question and answer discussions. #ecoturism #potential #subakumalambing #sibangkaja #organicfarming #culture